About eMILEE

Hi, there! So glad to see you've stumbled across my site. Some of you may be curious who I am, which is why this page was created! Here are some fun facts about me:

Food lover. Almost all food. Especially Mexican and mashed potatoes. Especially NOT carrots or celery. Avid water and coffee drinker. Wine taster and brownie eater. Probably watching The Office for the 20th time.

Dog lover, miniature pony wanter, and future tortoise owner.

Style lover, trend follower, but sweatshirt wearer 90% of the time.  

Family is my world. Friends are my excitement. Marrying the hunkiest, sassiest, funniest man in the world come December 2018.

Small town farm girl. Nebraska has my heart. Wanderlust in my soul. Traveler anytime I can be. Homebody anytime I want to be.

Jesus lover, follower, and servant of. 


Pic by Kayla Dempsy